MIDI Mixer

<h3><b><u>Description</u></b></h3><p>A collaborative MIDI Mixer where a group of people can come together to make some awesome tunes using various instruments sounds at one time.</p><p>This project is built using React.js and Socket.IO.</p><h3><i>Modules</i></h3><p>This project has 4 modules:&nbsp;</p><p><b><u>Module-0</u></b>: Introduction &amp; Setup</p><p><b><u>Module-1</u></b>: Front-End</p><p><b><u>Module-2</u></b>: Functionalities</p><p><b><u>Module-3</u></b>: Sockets</p><h3><i>Project Link</i></h3><p>You can check this code on Github at <u>https://bit.ly/gitallReact</u>.&nbsp;</p><p>There you can find each module in their corresponding branch names of the git repo, <u>module-0</u> is the <i>master</i> branch.&nbsp;</p><p>We have added a branch named <u>module-4</u>&nbsp;which is for deployment purpose, you can refer to this module if you want to deploy this project on the server.</p><p><br></p><p>Do start this repo and upvote this project.&nbsp;</p><p>And if you want to stay connected to me, you find me by searching username:&nbsp;<u>iamgrawal</u>&nbsp;on Github, Twitter, Linkedin, or any social&nbsp;platform.</p>