Creating a Green Screen Effect Using OpenCV and Python

<h2><b>Project Thanos</b></h2><p>Green Screens and Blue Screens are used extensively for VFX Purposes in movies and tv shows.</p><p>In this project we wish to get similar or somewhere similar results using OpenCV and Python</p><p>[<b>Code Link</b>](</p><h3><b>ELI5</b></h3><p>We'll try to replace a background in live video, or video, or image with something of our own choosing.</p><p>Something like this from Lord of the Rings</p><p><b><img src=""><br></b></p><p>or this from Game of Thrones, when Yegritte is about to fall off the wall.&nbsp;</p><p><img src=""></p><h3><b>Prerequisites</b></h3><p>Basic knowledge of Python is a plus.</p><h3><b>Misc</b></h3><p>Two declarations:</p><p>1. I only have a very faint idea as to how it's going to be done. so I'll improvise a lot during the project.</p><p>2. Each new update would be released on a Saturday, starting the upcoming one!</p><p>Stay tuned!</p>