GitAll is a centralized repository of tech knowledge on the internet.


Tech knowledge is scattered all over the internet as videos, ghost-potfolio or tech-specific blogs. Apart from these, it is mostly absent or limited to documentations and out of reach for most of the developers. This is our initiative to bring developers, learners, organisations and technologies together.

How are we different?

While other platforms have good intentions, the key difference between us and them is the difference we like to call, the "process v/s system" approach.

A process is a 1D set of events, read, apply and move on.

A system is a branched set of events where one event triggers the other action. And in time, it becomes a culture.

We strongly believe that creating a culture around development goes on to make a bigger impact than just triggering some events.

End Goal

We at GitAll believe that education is the only way to transform the world around us and democratization of these learning resource is key to bringing about that universal prosperity and development.